Demo Schedule

Dec 5, 23:00-24:00 UTC+8

AMesure: a web platform to assist the clear writing of administrative texts

Thomas François, Adeline Müller, Eva Rolin and Magali Norré

MaintNet: A Collaborative Open-Source Library for Predictive Maintenance Language Resources

Farhad Akhbardeh, Travis Desell and Marcos Zampieri
Rochester Institute of Technology

ISA: An Intelligent Shopping Assistant

Tuan Lai, Trung Bui and Nedim Lipka
University of Waterloo, UIUC, Adobe Research

AutoNLU: An On-demand Cloud-based Natural Language Understanding System for Enterprises

Nham Le, Tuan Lai, Trung Bui and Doo Soon Kim
UIUC, Adobe Research

Dec 6, 08:00-09:00 UTC+8

metaCAT: A Metadata-based Task-oriented Chatbot Annotation Tool

Ximing Liu, Wei Xue, Qi Su, weiran nie and Wei Peng

Huawei, PRC

fairseq S2T: Fast Speech-to-Text Modeling with fairseq

Changhan Wang, Yun Tang, Xutai Ma, Anne Wu, Dmytro Okhonko and Juan Pino


NLPStatTest: A Toolkit for Comparing NLP System Performance

Haotian Zhu, Denise Mak, Jesse Gioannini and Fei Xia


Industrial Talk : Baidu


Industrial Talk : Bloomberg