Instruction of Upload Pre-record video

1) For the tutorials, and the papers on both main conference and workshops, the authors (speakers) should upload their pre-record video before November 1st.

2) The presenter do not need to appear in the video, only the slides and voice are required.

3) The requirements of videos are in the below,

  Length Size
Tutorial - <2G
Long Paper <15min <200M
Short Paper <10min <150M

4) Format of name of the upload video:

(T/M/W)-[Paper ID].mp4

T: Tutorials
M: Main conference
W: Workshop

5) The video should be uploaded into the webdisk. The author only has the authority to upload and read, but cannot delete or modify. If there is any problem of the uploaded video, please upload again, and we will choose the last one with the newest date.

6) If you have any problem on uploading video, please the Remote Presentation Co-Chairs:

Muyun Yang:
Nanyun Peng:

Manual of Uploading Video

1) Login the WebDisk

the username and password will be sent by mail.

login @10x

2) Chick the “Add files” button to upload the video.


3) After uploaded, the authors can find their video from the video list.


Manual of Using Office PowerPoint to Record Video

1) After open a pptx file, choose “Silde Show” tab.


Then, click “Record Slide Show” button,


And click “Start Recoding” button in the Message Box to record the video.


2) Then, the video is recording …


3) After slide show is finished, click “File”->”Export-”>”Create Video” to save video.


Then, save the video as a MP4 file.