Multi-view Classification Model for Knowledge Graph Completion

Wenbin Jiang1, Mengfei Guo2, Yufeng Chen2, Ying Li1, Jinan Xu2, Yajuan Lyu1, Yong Zhu1
1Baidu Inc., 2BJTU


Most previous work on knowledge graph completion conducted single-view prediction or calculation for candidate triple evaluation, based only on the content information of the candidate triples. This paper describes a novel multi-view classification model for knowledge graph completion, where multiple classification views are performed based on both content and context information for candidate triple evaluation. Each classification view evaluates the validity of a candidate triple from a specific viewpoint, based on the content information inside the candidate triple and the context information nearby the triple. These classification views are implemented by a unified neural network and the classification predictions are weightedly integrated to obtain the final evaluation. Experiments show that, the multi-view model brings very significant improvements over previous methods, and achieves the new state-of-the-art on two representative datasets. We believe that, the flexibility and the scalability of the multi-view classification model facilitates the introduction of additional information and resources for better performance.