All-in-One: A Deep Attentive Multi-task Learning Framework for Humour, Sarcasm, Offensive, Motivation, and Sentiment on Memes

Dushyant Singh Chauhan1, Dhanush S R1, Asif Ekbal2, Pushpak Bhattacharyya3
1Indian Institute of Technology Patna, 2IIT Patna, 3Indian Institute of Technology Bombay and Patna


In this paper, we aim at learning the relationships and similarities of a variety of tasks, such as humour detection, sarcasm detection, offensive content detection, motivational content detection and sentiment analysis on a somewhat complicated form of information, i.e., memes. We propose a multi-task, multi-modal deep learning framework to solve multiple tasks simultaneously. For multi-tasking, we propose two attention-like mechanisms viz., Inter-task Relationship Module (iTRM) and Inter-class Relationship Module (iCRM). The main motivation of iTRM is to learn the relationship between the tasks to realize how they help each other. In contrast, iCRM develops relations between the different classes of tasks. Finally, representations from both the attentions are concatenated and shared across the five tasks (i.e., humour, sarcasm, offensive, motivational, and sentiment) for multi-tasking. We use the recently released dataset in the Memotion Analysis task @ SemEval 2020, which consists of memes annotated for the classes as mentioned above. Empirical results on Memotion dataset show the efficacy of our proposed approach over the existing state-of-the-art systems (Baseline and SemEval 2020 winner). The evaluation also indicates that the proposed multi-task framework yields better performance over the single-task learning.